Who are we?

Smart is an Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) company, focused on delivering solutions for the industrial market with highly trained professionals in shop floor, communication with devices, IoT & IIoT, software development and smart manufacturing.

A true 4.0 Company, we work with the most advanced technologies on the market, applied in practice to the intelligent industry.

Our Approach

Smart is a company committed to delivering innovative and technological solutions to the industry.

On elevating processes to digital excellence with maximum productivity and robustness.

Our Expertise

We’re a team of creative and experienced Project Managers, Analysts and Developers. We helped many customers around the world to achieve their goals, acumulating several expertise experience along the way.

Over 10 years of experience in diverse industrial technological settings.

Projects with the largest automotive manufacturing and automotive suppliers.

Acting on lectures in the world industry scenario 4.0.

Software development worldwide

Why Us?

Our know-how is about the entire process chain of the shop floor!

Combining the use of technologies in digital transformation!

Our Services


Solutions Consulting
  • Launch of automated production (Batch/JIT)
  • Connectivity and production data collection (traceability)
  • Product compliance control in manufacturing
  • Controlling and validation of deliveries/ loads in expedition areas
  • Stock management with RFID/BLE/NFC


Specialized Development
  • Production and logistics dashboards in the cloud
  • Device data collection (IoT)
  • Centralizing information in cloud (Big Data/Block Chain)
  • Performance and control reports (Data Analytics)

Industry 4.0

Substantial and flexible solutions to manage various branches of the industrial sector in the production and assembly of products.

Acting points in the industry 4.0


Our presence in the global scenario industry 4.0

MESA International Recognition Award, loT in Industry 4.0

Lectures at international conferences:

  • M&T - Manufacturing and Technology Expo: Cleveland, Ohio.
  • World Class Digital Transformation: Portland, Oregon.
  • Smart Industry: Chicago, Illinois.

Article about increasing visibility in production with IoT

Article about process improvements for automotive customers

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We are excited and awaiting your contact! Please call us at:

+55 41 39088426


Rua Paulino de Siqueira Cortes, 2841, Såo José dos Pinhais
Paraná - Brazil